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November 28, 2018

Welcome to our webinar on 600+ processes for a better dealership!


There is no magic button that can reduce risks and help achieve faster implementations.

Register now for the upcoming 30 minute webinarWEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2018 @ 3:00 CST30 MINUTES

Are you hesitant to embark on an integrated system project because you are not sure what you will end up with in the end?

In NAXT, you get over 600 equipment dealership specific business processes in a preconfigured environment – on day one of the project! Join us in our upcoming webinar and let us explore how NAXT helps equipment dealers achieve success quickly and benefit from industry leading best practices.


IntroductionAnna Miller
Traditional ERP implementation trapsAnna Miller
600+ dealer-specific business processes overviewAnna Miller
SEAL: the equipment dealer best practice approachAnna Miller
Capture Customer and Repair Information process explained (Visio)Anna Miller
Sneak Peek demo of Capture Customer and Repair Information processAnna Miller

Pre-Sales Lead – XAPT Corporation SEAL stands for Solution to Enhance and Accelerate the implementation Lifecycle. Our goal with SEAL is to keep project implementations on time and within budget – each and every time. SEAL accomplishes this by doing away with requirement-driven implementations in favor of an “industry best practice” approach, that leverages our accumulated knowledge from past equipment dealer implementations. Our industry-specific and preconfigured solution provides our clients a fast track and low-risk approach, which is easier on a client’s resources.

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