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CEOs & Business Owners

Better visibility, strategic
decisions, higher revenue

Ensure your equipment dealership’s future growth with NAXT.

Adopt New Trends & Technologies Easily

The rapidly changing environment requires rapid technology changes to keep up. Microsoft is investing millions of dollars every year into its cloud technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Choosing NAXT built on Microsoft technologies ensure that your dealership will be able to turn on the latest achievements easily and stay ahead of the curve for decades.

  • Ensure Constant Growth
  • Dealership Proven Solution
  • Smarter Decisions through Real-Time Reporting
  • Full-featured ERP Solution Designed for Dealers
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Ensure Constant Growth

A specialized industry ERP implementation is an investment in the future. Empower your workforce with a smarter, more powerful tool to boost productivity and create a better full-service customer experience. Increase the overall value of your dealership by reacting faster on new industry trends.

Use An Industry Proven Solution

With over 30,000 users, 700+ preconfigured processes, and a deployment time as short as four months, NAXT is the full-service solution to unite all areas of your dealership on one platform to drive growth, cut costs, and create new opportunities for innovation.

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Make Smarter Decisions with
Real-Time Reporting

NAXT is a full-service ERP solution with integrated business intelligence that uses data from inventory, service, equipment, sales, and rental modules for unparalleled insight and organizational transparency. With NAXT, comprehensive data analysis and real-time reporting can increase revenue for each department with strategic, data-driven decision making.

Full-featured ERP Solution

Designed for construction equipment dealers from the ground up.

  • EDI integration minimizes time-consuming, error-prone manual processes for the transactions and reduces demands on IT architectures.
  • Powerful Business Intelligence (BI) functionality enables CIOs to make management with a cloud-based solution — with all the benefits of real-time reporting and up-to-the-minute statistics.
  • NAXT is operated under the user subscription license (SL) model that allows employees to access data and reports from virtually any location.
  • Rapid deployment reduces starting and training costs and makes implementation seamless and intuitive for dealerships of all sizes.
  • NAXT is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for seamless Office 365 integration with Outlook, Excel, and more!
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With NAXT Solutions, it’s easy to see your return on investment.

Benchmark your departments

With a single system and unified processes, you can monitor and rank your branches, locations, or service shops, enabling you to control best practices and implement them everywhere. It also allows you to reward actual performance and maintain organizational agility.

Watch your profitability

NAXT collects all costs and revenue information on each piece of equipment, regardless if it is in the new, used, or rental fleet. Furthermore, service costs and revenue are tracked to the machine, so any equipment has a holistic financial view.

Retain your workforce

A valuable and intuitive system can add to a technician’s capabilities by reminding them with checklists, optimize operations through dynamic workspaces, and speed up onboarding. The system will not replace experience but will enable those with less experience to follow correct procedures based on specific circumstances.

Keep up with rental growth

To make equipment rental profitable, you must consider financing costs and depreciation, among other expenditures, and compare those to revenue. Based on this information, executives and rental managers can decide which type of equipment and service they should invest in when extending their rental portfolio.

We offer all of the features you’ll need

Business Intelligence

Enable everyone, across every team, to make better and more impactful decisions by converting your data into insights.

Customer Relations

Effortlessly create deeper relationships and achieve business success.

Equipment Magagement

Seamlessly and effortlessly provide clear visibility of all equipment.

Financial Management

Improves the capabilities of equipment management withing your dealership.

HR Management

Human resources operations + HRIS features are available in the Microsoft product, Dynamics 365 Human Resources.


Enables your organization to strengthen its digital foundation and move forward with confidence in the field.

Parts & Supply Chain

Connects sales and purchasing processes with logistics, production and warehouse management to better mange your parts and supply chain.

Power Systems

Functionality tailored to fit the needs of a long-term or short-term Power Systems project.

PM & Accounting

Possess the ability to re-cast all project management and accounting assembly activities based on changes in materials and availability.

Rental Management

Enables dealerships to become much more efficient. Seamlessly transfer equipment, calculate rental conversions, manage contracts, track equipment, and work tool utilization.

Service & Warranty

Enables dealerships to better manage, plan, track and analyze service and warranty operations.

What is NAXT?

NAXT is a leading solution for equipment dealers on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Beyond offering a complete dealership management solution with all the capacity of an ERP and CRM, we provide over 700 predefined equipment dealership processes, delivering insightful business intelligence reports along with partner eco-system solutions made for this industry.

Solutions built for you and your team

For CEOs & Owners

Ensure your equipment dealership’s future growth with NAXT.

For CFOs

Position your equipment dealership for growth by reducing costs, complexity and risks.

For CIOs

Get more from your infrastructure with a dynamic, full-stack, cloud-based ERP solution.

For Rental Managers

Increase utilization and manage your growing fleet in real time with NAXT.

For Service Managers

Transform your dealership from a box mover to a solution provider.