Terms & Conditions

I. General

The present website is handled and operated by XAPT Szoftver Tanácsadó Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (seat: 1118 Budapest, Rétköz utca 5.; hereinafter: XAPT). The web hosting and infrastructure is provided by SiteGround located at 8 Racho P. Kazandzhiata Str., Floor 3, 166, Sofia, Bulgaria. The usage of the website and the usage of the content and the services to be found thereon shall only be permitted in compliance with the below conditions.

We inform you, that by logging on to the website, furthermore to any of its sub-sites, the User accepts the currently effective Conditions of Use. In case the User does not – fully or partly – agree with the Conditions, then it should not continue using the site. XAPT reserves the right to unilaterally modify or update the present Conditions any time without prior notice. To review these conditions of use and the possible new information visit this site regularly.

II. Accession and use

The content and information to be found on the website is exclusively permitted for informative and not commercial purposes; they shall not be downloaded, copied, modified; shall not be published, marketed and shall not be used for commercial purposes; except for the content, which can be downloaded for certain purposes.

The Users are entitled to print out certain parts of the website or download them to hard drive and share it with other people, provided that, such activity exclusively have informative nature. All copies prepared by the User shall contain the following copyright declaration:

“© XAPT Szoftver Tanácsadó Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság All rights reserved”.

III. Communicating information

XAPT offers the content and information to be found on this website for informative purposes. XAPT reserves the right to terminate or limit the operation of the website; furthermore, does not undertake liability for the permanent, uninterrupted and unchanged operation of the website or any content thereof.

IV. Rights connected to intellectual property

XAPT declares that all content – text, picture, graphics, audio and other content – appearing on the website and the arrangement of the platform of website is owned by XPAT or it is under the scope of other intellectual property rights.

Certain names, brands, logos and name of products registered by XAPT are secured by trademark. The content of this website and the present Conditions of Use shall not be modified, supplemented, copied, sold, leased or used for purposes other than those approved by XAPT in writing in advance. Those rights that are expressly permitted within this Conditions of Use from exemption from the above.

V. Registration, subscription, password

XAPT reserves the right to secure any of its freely accessible sites with password without prior notice. In such case it is the exclusive responsibility of the User to keep the password in secret and to log out after the usage, including the modification of password from time to time – in order to prevent third parties accessing to the platform.

In case registration or subscription is necessary for accessing any further services, then the User is obliged to provide correct, accurate and real data and in case of any changes thereof, it shall modify them without delay. XAPT processes the personal data in compliance with the Privacy Policy and the Regulation No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter: GDPR).

XAPT reserves the right to refuse the subscription or registration of any of its Users upon its discretion, especially in the following cases:

In case the User becomes aware of any abuses in connection with its data, the User shall immediately notify the employee of XAPT responsible for data protection in writing (1118 Budapest, Rétköz utca 5.) and / or via e-mail (contactus@xapt.wpenginepowered.com). Furthermore, the User is entitled to turn to the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information in connection with the processing of its personal data as recorded in the Privacy Policy.

Please visit our Privacy Policy to be found on our website regarding the processing of your personal data.

VI. Liability

The website presents the current status of the available information and technologies at the time of publishing thereof. XAPT does not undertake liability for the timelineness, the punctuality or the completeness of the content of the website, especially, if a change took place regarding the products or applications of XAPT; so, the products can vary from the ones published on the website.

Despite the efforts, XAPT cannot warrant that this website is continuously free of viruses. As a consequence, the User shall make all necessary security steps, in particular: usage of antivirus programs.

XAPT and the employees thereof do not undertake liability (including the limitless, direct liability or the limited indirect, special liability for possible consequences, losses and costs) for those damage and losses – regardless of the nature –, which can be experienced by the User by the usage or in connection with the usage of the website or any sub-site thereof.

In case of the breach of any fundamental obligations – included in the contract –, the extent of the liability shall be limited to the damages to be claimed based on the general statutory requirements. XAPT shall only be liable for breaches of obligations committed intentionally or due to gross negligence, if it threatens the life or physical safety of others.

VII. References pointing to other websites

References are found on certain parts of the website which point to such other websites, which can be interesting for the User. By clicking on the links, the User leaves the website of XAPT. XAPT has no effect on the current or future content of such websites, since they are controlled by third parties. Therefore, XAPT does not undertake liability for the content of third parties’ websites, so the usage of such websites is the User’s own responsibility.

VIII. Obligations of the User

The User is obliged use the website and services provided thereon in an ethical manner in compliance with the statutory requirements. The User is not entitled to use such mechanisms, software or other methods which can damage the website or cause disturbances thereon. This applies to all intentional activities that can cause damage on the website, for instance an activity that disproportionately burdens the technical infrastructure of the website.

IX. Data protection

The Privacy Policy is applicable for all personal data and materials shared on the website or processed by XAPT. For further information, visit the Privacy Policy.

X. Confidential information

XAPT does not intend to receive confidential or protected information from the User through the website. With regards to this, we ask you not to send confidential information or material to XAPT.

XI. Closing provisions

If any provisions of the present Conditions of Use are against the statutory requirements or qualify as void or unenforceable due to any reasons, then such provisions shall be deemed as separated from the remaining part of Conditions of Use which does not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

By visiting the website, the User accepts that any disputes and claims arising from the usage or in connection with the usage of the website, the law of Hungary shall be applicable. For settling possible legal disputes, the courts of Hungary shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

By visiting the website, the User accepts the present Conditions of Use.

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