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Our Approach

Using our proven methodology, Solution to Enhance
and Accelerate the Implementation Lifecycle (SEAL),
you can enjoy rapid implementation for fast ROI.

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Solution to Enhance and Accelerate the Implementation Lifecycle (SEAL)

Utilizing SEAL, your dealership will achieve success quickly and gain from industry leading best practices.

Our SEAL methodology offers a competitive edge, ensuring faster, cost-effective, and high-quality ERP/DMS implementations. It includes 700+ dealer-specific processes from NAXT, keeping projects on schedule and within budget.

SEAL removes traditional requirement-driven implementations for an industry best practice approach. We draw from our experience in equipment dealer implementations to provide a swift, low-risk solution that’s easier on your dealership’s resources.

We offer all of the features you’ll need

Pre-Configured System

XAPT delivers a preconfigured environment. Your personnel begin training using your new software from day one.

Roles & Responsibilities

SEAL provides equipment dealers with a core set of security roles and responsibilities that identify which roles are responsible for each task within each business process.

Standard Training Manuals

Standardized training manuals are provided as a baseline for training all team members. These manuals are standardized for the heavy equipment industry.

Project Management Tools

Project Management is critical when implementing a new Dealer Management Solution. To aid in this process we have created a number of tools.

Feature Test Scripts

Feature Test Scripts (FTS) breakdown each business process into specific business functions. The FTS Library covers all of the standard Equipment dealer business processes.

Data Migration Templates

Over 21 data migration templates are provided to equipment dealers as a tool to use to assist with data migration process.

How it works

No Suprises

Contact us and speak to an implementation specialist who will learn about your goals and objectives.

Low Risk

We deliver a standard system with minimal customization requirements to significantly reduce project risks and costs.

Made for You

We customize our systems to fit your specific needs.

Up & Running Quickly

Through the readiness and maturity of our product, helped by our methodology NAXT can be implemented in 6 to 18 months. Our fastest implementation took only 4 months!