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Business Intelligence

Make better business decisions
with NAXT BI.

Enable everyone to make better decisions by converting your data into insights.

Reporting Efficiency

Achieve faster and more accurate reporting

Improve Data Quality

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Operational Efficiency

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Employee Satisfaction

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Our solutions are built with the following modules for business intelligence.

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Embedded Power BI Reporting Package

Business Intelligence Reporting Capabilities

  • Take advantage of 27 pre-built industry-specific Power Business Intelligence (BI) reports for NAXT365
  • Discover, analyze, visualize data, and share or collaborate these insights with colleagues with Power BI
  • Access interactive “near real-time” reports
  • Use multidimensional analytics. High complexity reports can be run on large volumes of data and accessed by various reporting tools
  • Get insight into service efficiency, labor utilization, scheduled services, and work in progress service calls
  • Analyze fill percent ratios, stock versus emergency purchases, inventory values, and order statuses
  • Analyze your revenue streams, manage lead and opportunity pipeline, and track sales activities

Workspaces, Power BI Dashboards, and Tiles

BI Capabilities

  • Customize workspaces using Power BI dashboards
  • Get real-time data via embedded KPI’s and alerts within NAXT D365
  • Aggregate data to workspaces with embedded built-in visualizations
  • Take advantage of pre-built Power BI reports of Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Analytical

Reports and Inquiries

BI Reporting Features

  • Use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) primarily for business documents
  • Create a wide variety of financial statements with the Financial Report Designer tool
  • Export selected data entity values into a Microsoft Excel workbook for reporting purposes with the Microsoft Office Integrations built-in feature

Custom BI Power Reports

Custom Reporting Capabilities

  • Use Power BI Desktop to modify and customize your reports and visualizations
  • Embed your Power BI reports within Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Use Power BI and Microsoft Office Excel together

With NAXT Solutions, it’s easy to see your return on investment.

Benchmark your departments

With a single system and unified processes, you can monitor and rank your branches, locations, or service shops, enabling you to control best practices and implement them everywhere. It also allows you to reward actual performance and maintain organizational agility.

Watch your profitability

NAXT collects all costs and revenue information on each piece of equipment, regardless if it is in the new, used, or rental fleet. Furthermore, service costs and revenue are tracked to the machine, so any equipment has a holistic financial view.

Retain your workforce

A valuable and intuitive system can add to a technician’s capabilities by reminding them with checklists, optimize operations through dynamic workspaces, and speed up onboarding. The system will not replace experience but will enable those with less experience to follow correct procedures based on specific circumstances.

Keep up with rental growth

To make equipment rental profitable, you must consider financing costs and depreciation, among other expenditures, and compare those to revenue. Based on this information, executives and rental managers can decide which type of equipment and service they should invest in when extending their rental portfolio.

Solutions built for you and your team

For CEOs & Owners

Ensure your equipment dealership’s future growth with NAXT.

For CFOs

Position your equipment dealership for growth by reducing costs, complexity and risks.

For CIOs

Get more from your infrastructure with a dynamic, full-stack, cloud-based ERP solution.

For Rental Managers

Increase utilization and manage your growing fleet in real time with NAXT.

For Service Managers

Transform your dealership from a box mover to a solution provider.