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A more unified approach to dealership operations, visibility,
and profitability.

Business Owners & CEOs

Ensure your equipment dealership’s future growth with access to better visibility, strategic decisions, and higher revenue.

In today’s fast-paced landscape, staying current necessitates swift adaptations in technology. Microsoft and XAPT are committed to staying at the forefront, by allocating substantial annual investments to enhance its cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities. Our dealership platform, NAXT, is built upon Microsoft’s robust technologies and guarantees your dealership’s ability to seamlessly adopt cutting-edge advancements, ensuring a sustained competitive edge for years to come.

Asia Pacific Business Owner at Desk
CFO Analyzing Financial Reports at Desk

Chief Financial Officers

Gain control of risks and regulations by positioning your equipment dealership for growth by reducing costs, complexity, and risks.

NAXT is more than a software. It represents a powerful suite of tools designed to harmonize strategic planning with fiscal responsibility. Easily close periods, post transactions, and streamline invoicing for vendors and partners. Generate up-to-the-minute financial reports to enhance current working capital optimization and enable more effective future planning.

Chief Information Officers

Get more from you infrastructure with a single, integrated, dynamic, full-stack, cloud-based ERP solution.

NAXT leverages cloud infrastructure for its operations, offering several advantages, including accelerated development, reduced expenses, direct support, and robust scalability. Utilizing the foundation of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, NAXT streamlines your release cycles and maintains a heightened focus on security. Featuring built-in data recovery and sandboxed privileges, NAXT stands as the dependable, resilient, and secure cornerstone supporting equipment dealerships worldwide.

Chief Information Officer in Data Cloud with Computer
Heavy Equipment Rental Manager on Lot with Customer

Rental Managers

Increase utilization and manage your growing rental fleet in real time with NAXT.

The rental industry is in a constant state of expansion and evolution as it strives to offer more intricate services. With a growing global demand year after year, rental equipment provides flexible assets, decreased maintenance expenses, and resource efficient construction solutions, all at a fraction of the cost of ownership. Equipment dealers need to take advantage of this opportunity, as it represents the future that NAXT is equipped to support.

Service Managers

Set your dealership apart from your competition by transforming from a box mover to a solution provider.

Exceptional technicians are indispensable assets for any equipment dealership. Serving as the frontline of your service department, it is imperative that they remain connected, even in regions lacking internet or phone coverage. NAXT offers a solution by enabling you to organize service routes and seamlessly transmit crucial information to your technicians operating in the field. With NAXT, technicians can efficiently carry out the majority of their daily tasks even in the absence of connectivity, and synchronize their mobile devices with servers once they regain internet access.

Field Service Manager with Tablet