Project Management Gant Chart with Team Analyzing

Project Management & Accounting

Gain the upper hand with
procurement and scheduling.

Possess the ability to re-cast all assembly activities based on changes in materials availability.

Increased Control

Plan, create, manage, complete investment, time and cost projects.

Project Visibility

Visibility of all aspects of the project including schedule, resourcing and finances.

Project Integration

Integrates with other modules including General Ledger, Sales, Procurement, and Production.

Manage Resources

Easily manage multiple projects to insure that the necessary resources are available when they are needed.

Our solutions are built with the following modules for accounting and project management.

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Project Management

Project Management Features

  • Plan, create, manage, control, and complete investment, time and cost projects
  • Create a project hierarchy comprising multiple subprojects
  • Easily plan projects of any size; matching work requirements with available resources
  • Plan and organise projects using Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) templates
  • Find the right resources for the job with task requirements (skills, education and experience)

Work Breakdown Structures

Work Breakdown Structures Capabilities

  • Create hierarchical Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • Add specific information; schedule, requirements, estimated cost, revenue, and skills or attributes

Project Resource and Schedule Management

Project Resource and Schedule Management Features

  • Schedule tasks and allocate resources
  • Track schedules, manpower usage, and cost-to-complete

Project Time and Expense

Project Time and Expense Capabilities

  • Capture project time and expense quickly and accurately
  • Charge travel-related expenses against specific projects with expense management
  • Distribute expenses to a single project or across multiple projects

Project Accounting and Invoicing

Project Accounting and Invoicing Features

  • Enter and itemise project costs, employee hours, materials used, and fees incurred
  • Streamline billing of projects
  • Create and edit invoice proposals for hours, expenses, items, sales orders, fees, subscriptions, advance and deduction payments, or milestones
  • Split billing enables shared project costs between multiple customers or internal organizations
  • Retention terms can be specified on customer invoices and vendor payments
  • Approval workflow ensures accurate project invoices before they are sent to the customer
  • Schedule payments to project vendors
  • Retain part of payment to a vendor
  • Enforce contractual cap on project costs with funding limits

Project Quotations

Project Quotations Capabilities

  • Quickly build accurate project quotations using Work Breakdown templates
  • Select the right opportunities to pursue using project quotation profitability
  • Gain project visibility with quotation approval workflows

Revenue Recognition and Work-In-Progress (WIP)

Revenue Recognition Capabilities

  • Recognise actual costs to avoid potential cost overruns
  • Post and accrue revenue for fixed price jobs based on completion percentage or completed contract
  • Accrue revenue or capitalise costs for time-and-material projects to recognise gross margin
  • Handle WIP for investment projects before final elimination of the WIP value to a fixed price

Project Budgeting and Cost Control

Budgeting and Cost Control Capabilities

  • Manage projects with forecast (hour, expense, item, fee, on-account) and budgets
  • Approve original budgets and revisions through workflow enabled project budgets
  • Maintain project cost control by summarizing actual cost, committed cost, and remaining budget to discover total expected cost, and compare with the original budget
  • Measure utilisation rates by comparing actual hours to budgeted hours
  • Compare the status of invoiced and chargeable transactions of a project or contract with the project quotation

Interoperability with Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project Capabilities

  • Integrate and streamline project delivery with scheduling and resource management capabilities of Microsoft Project Server 2010
  • Bi-directional interoperability with Microsoft Project for projects, activities, tasks, and resource allocation


Reporting Capabilities

  • Gain insight in project management performance with predefined KPI’s in the project accounting cube
  • Access standard reports including reports for profit and loss, consumed costs, payroll allocation, invoice on-account, actual versus budgeted costs, and cash flow
  • Use project controls to gain a real-time snapshot of project performance
  • Use utilisation control to gain a real-time snapshot of project performance

With NAXT Solutions, it’s easy to see your return on investment.

Benchmark your departments

With a single system and unified processes, you can monitor and rank your branches, locations, or service shops, enabling you to control best practices and implement them everywhere. It also allows you to reward actual performance and maintain organizational agility.

Watch your profitability

NAXT collects all costs and revenue information on each piece of equipment, regardless if it is in the new, used, or rental fleet. Furthermore, service costs and revenue are tracked to the machine, so any equipment has a holistic financial view.

Retain your workforce

A valuable and intuitive system can add to a technician’s capabilities by reminding them with checklists, optimize operations through dynamic workspaces, and speed up onboarding. The system will not replace experience but will enable those with less experience to follow correct procedures based on specific circumstances.

Keep up with rental growth

To make equipment rental profitable, you must consider financing costs and depreciation, among other expenditures, and compare those to revenue. Based on this information, executives and rental managers can decide which type of equipment and service they should invest in when extending their rental portfolio.

What is NAXT?

NAXT is a leading solution for equipment dealers on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Beyond offering a complete dealership management solution with all the capacity of an ERP and CRM, we provide over 700 predefined equipment dealership processes, delivering insightful business intelligence reports along with partner eco-system solutions made for this industry.

Solutions built for you and your team

For CEOs & Owners

Ensure your equipment dealership’s future growth with NAXT.

For CFOs

Position your equipment dealership for growth by reducing costs, complexity and risks.

For CIOs

Get more from your infrastructure with a dynamic, full-stack, cloud-based ERP solution.

For Rental Managers

Increase utilization and manage your growing fleet in real time with NAXT.

For Service Managers

Transform your dealership from a box mover to a solution provider.

Our leadership began researching to find what they wanted was a Microsoft provider that was future-forward technology focused, and more importantly, was one that was within the dealership community.

Danielle Papenberg

Director of Organizational Development , Foley, Inc.

Foley Cat Logo

We were looking for a more modern landscape, easier to adapt to, but also more flexible in this ever-changing and fast-changing world so that we could keep pace with what’s happening around us.

Ben Van der Werff

Product Owner NAXT , Pon Equipment and Pon Power

When we looked at the alternatives out there and spoke to other (Caterpillar) dealers, NAXT was the solution that met our needs most closely.

Martin Briggs

President , Relianz Mining Solutions

Relianz Mining Solutions Cat Logo

I think it’s fair to say that we still have a touch of silos that’s there, but this solution (NAXT) has maybe made us more aware of them.

Anders Roil

Director of Digital , Pon Equipment and Pon Rental

One of the big benefits of going with NAXT is that you get access to the dealer community because there are several other dealers that are now moving toward Dynamics 365, and . . . NAXT kind of acts as this connective tissue between these dealers.

Isaac Berling

Director of Enterprise Applications , Ziegler Cat

Ziegler Cat Logo

We narrowed down to NAXT 365 as it proved to have a very strong business perspective. It was strong in allowing us to deliver to our customers what they needed from us.

Ahiro Guzman

Business Transformation Manager , SOE360

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