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Our values

Learn. Grow. Change.

It’s not just a job, it’s a career with you as the focus. We look at each and every day as a launching pad to learn something new that will help propel you forward both professionally and personally. Opportunities abound at XAPT. What you do with them is up to you.

Transform. Together.

We don’t just build Microsoft365 solutions. We build partnerships. We give our employees the tools they need to build partnership with their clients, which leads to success. One of those tools is true teamwork within the organization. Individual contributions are celebrated. And a culture of partnership gives the platform for connection that takes our work to the next level.

Custom Solutions.

We provide custom solutions to our clients because we recognize that each and every business is different. Each and every employee is different, too. We build our teams with people of different backgrounds and skills, different experiences and cultures, different locations and aspirations, too. With such a mix of talent and perspective, all working towards shared goals, the result is anything but cookie cutter and always extraordinary.

What It’s Like to be An XAPT Member

We Solve Problems, We Travel & Enjoy!

XAPT’s NAXT solution keeps dealers connected with their equipment and employees. Digital connectivity isn’t all we care about, though. It’s that personal connection, between employees and customers, coworker to coworker and team to team across the organization–and the ocean. With connectivity prioritized, our teams work together from locations all over the globe. Our teams come together to solve problems. Their unique backgrounds and perspectives give them an unrivaled opportunity to create solutions just as remarkable. The result: client success, team connectivity, and personal growth. That’s a win win win.

We’ve made it our mission to develop well-honed processes to encourage connectivity for our clients. These processes are anything but routine. Each clients’ challenge is unique and so is our approach. We attract independent, creative, problem solvers who embrace the challenge of creating something new.

XAPT Headquarters in Budawest Commercial Business Building in Budapest, Hungary
XAPT Employee Working Remotely with Child

Work-life balance

XAPT is a company all about balance. Customer and employee. The digital world and the here and now. Work life and real life. It’s all important to us. This value isn’t new since the pandemic; it’s how we’ve always operated. We know that employees who feel empowered work hard to empower others. Our focus is to give our employees what they need to succeed in work and in life. XAPT’s work-from-home philosophy connects teammates all around the world. And the support from all levels of the organization ensures the process is well-connected, with the world wide web and the big wide world, and as your office. Whether you always work from home or you explore every corner of the world, you’ll have the balance and the flexibility you need to flourish.

Perks & Benefits

A career with XAPT is rewarding. It’s not just job satisfaction that keeps our employees at their best. You might work for XAPT, but we’ve put together a benefits package that will work for you.

Remote Culture

Remote offices aren’t just a post-pandemic trend for us. They are an integral part of how we work. We’ve learned how to connect teams and foster collaboration between colleagues and customers throughout the world. Dedication is what matters, not location.

Competitive Compensation

We look for employees who are willing to go that extra mile. And we do the same for them. Our team conducts exhaustive research on industry standard salary ranges based on role and geographic location and make sure our compensation is attracting top talent. It’s not just about a monthly paycheck either, but also includes attractive bonuses and benefits packages.

Generous Vacation Policy

It’s not all about work. We support our employees in their outside interests–and the ability to relax and recharge every so often. XAPT provides eligible employees with paid personal time to be used at their discretion.

Career Advancement

We prioritize your career growth. It’s not just about getting the job done, but also about personal growth. We’ll work with you to put you on a path to success.

Employee Recognition

We see our employees’ contributions and let them know. We recognize employee accomplishments both big and small–and are here to celebrate them all.

Flexible Schedules

It’s not just about logging hours, but getting the work done and getting the work done well. We know that work isn’t the only thing you have to balance and that a little flexibility to add to your overall productivity.

Financial Planning & Match

Eligible employees can take advantage of XAPT’s financial planning and 401K with employer contributions. We want to take care of our employees now and in retirement.

Insurance Coverage

We work hard to take care of our employees in every way possible, including with 100% insurance coverage through our health benefits package. The employees’ benefits package is inclusive of health, dental, vision, long-term disability, short-term disability, and life insurance.

Employee Training

We make sure you have the tools you need to succeed. Our on-the-job training quickly gets new employees up to speed and has them feeling like vital contributors to the team in no time.

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I have a passion for helping customers improve their operations. At XAPT, we get to collaborate with industry-leading Heavy Equipment Dealers from around the world. Our system, NAXT, is the foundation that empowers our Dealers with the tools they need to serve their customers to build the world around us. It is truly rewarding knowing that you played a role in helping build the future.

Benjamin Ligas

Product Manager – Rental & Sales , XAPT

Working at XAPT is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow while delivering and supporting projects on a global scale. Being part of XAPT means we care for our customers, our partners, and our people.

Mykel Salomon

Americas Support Maanger , XAPT