Warehouse Manager Checking Parts Inventory

Parts & Supply Chain Management

Easily maximize asset

Connect sales and purchasing processes for your parts and supply chain

Supply Chain Management

Provide visibility and management throughout the supply chain including, logistics, production, and warehouse management.

Intercompany Management

Manage organizational structures with intercompany and multisite needs.

Our solutions are built with the following modules for parts and supply chain management

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Manufacturer Parts Interface

Manufacturer Parts Interface Capabilities

  • Interface parts availability (OEM and dealer share)
  • Parts ordering
  • Parts lookup
  • Parts pricing
  • Parts replacements & substitutions
  • Surplus returns
  • Parts marketing programs
  • Core management
  • Parts warranty

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Capability

  • Track items by inventory dimensions including site, warehouse, pallet, location, batch, and serial number
  • Undertake Poisson planning through unlimited categorization tables
  • Incorporate multiple inventory control systems and valuation methods including, FIFO / LIFO, standard cost, moving and weighted average
  • Undertake cycle counting; setting parameters as required
  • Track inventory turnover and compare current against historical data (NAXT Power BI Report Package)
  • Calculate On Time In Full (OTIF) KPI to improve delivery accuracy and customer satisfaction (NAXT Power BI Report Package)
  • Measure service fill rate with service fill rate report and ensure meeting customer demand (NAXT Power BI Report Package)

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System Capabilities

  • Undertake warehouse management with fully RF wireless operations
  • Set activities by priority; time of day and customer waiting at the counter

Parts Ordering Management

Parts Ordering Management Capabilities

  • Hold until complete and cross-dock processing
  • Configure auto back order release based upon worker setup and authority
  • Analyze parts order statuses and journal counts, observe year to date trends (NAXT Power BI Report Package)
  • Terminate unnecessary emergency parts orders by tracking warehouse and item performance.
    Investigate stock versus emergency order ratio based on transaction and amount (NAXT Power BI Report Package)
  • Track emergency purchase fees and decrease cost by following a monthly change of fees
    (NAXT Power BI Report Package)
  • Analyze parts sales trend, warehouse, and item performance with parts sales and parts barometer reports (NAXT Power BI Report Package)

Core Management

Core Management Capabilities

  • Sell reman product and return used within the same document
  • Track core inspection information; temporary storage location, return pallet assigned
  • Return information and final credit to OEM

Multisite Warehouse Management

Multisite Warehouse Management Capabilities

  • Manage storage locations and material handling within multiple warehouses
  • Create branch transfers; individually set branch transfer priorities
  • Optimize picking with a choice of picking methods
  • Track inventory “on hand” per warehouse

Products and Services Management

Product and Services Management

Centralized management of products and services across the organization, including BOM and process formulate.

Hydraulic Hose Management

Hydraulic Hose Management Capabilities

  • Relieve stock of hose competent inventory automatically
  • Replenish inventory with finish hose
  • Capture the cost variance between BOM price and component price

Returns Management

Returns Management Capabilities

  • Manage the return order process
  • Control who can return items and which items can be returned
  • Categorize returns according to reason code or method of disposition


Intercompany Capabilities

  • Automate trade between subsidiaries or distribution centers
  • Generate sales and purchases orders manually or automatically across subsidiaries

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