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working with equipment dealers.

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About XAPT

NAXT is a product solution suite created by XAPT. At XAPT, we believe that information technology can change the world for the better. With more than 20 years of experience in the equipment industry, we understand how it shapes the world to be a better place.

We are proud to work with many equipment dealers, manufacturers, and Microsoft to enhance our solutions, offering you continuous research, development, and innovation.

We employ hundreds of professionals around the globe to focus on providing a leading dealership solution for equipment dealers, offering over 700+ industry-specific processes and enabling your dealership to gain from industry-leading best practices and achieve success quickly.

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What Sets XAPT Apart From Alternative ERP Solutions

We Speak the Equipment Industry Language

We know the heavy equipment industry well. XAPT has built a team of dedicated consultants who understand the industry-specific needs and work with dealers worldwide, gaining global insight with wide- ranging industry knowledge.

Global Presence + Local Implementation

Supporting equipment dealerships’ complex structures, their suppliers, and customers require both global and local knowledge. We bring the reassurance of a fully integrated solution specifically tailored to the regional requirements of equipment dealers, delivered by award-winning specialists. XAPT provides clients with complete visibility and control across every branch and subsidiary.

We Apply the Latest Microsoft Technologies

As a key Microsoft partner, we help define Microsoft Dynamics 365 enhancements and have access to the newest products first, enabling us to offer the latest Microsoft solutions to our customers.

We Deliver Projects Around the Globe

With our presence in four continents, we have experience implementing systems across multiple countries, cultures, and languages. We have over 31,000 users of our solution at over 450 locations. XAPT is a division of the New Frontier Group, which operates in fourteen countries worldwide with over 1,500 people.