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February 1, 2024

Driving Digital Transformation: NAXT365 Success Story with SOE 360

NAXT365 is at the forefront of driving digital transformation across the Caribbean. SOE 360, born in 2014 through a spin-off from GECOLSA, serves as a strategic ally by centralizing support tasks in finance, supply chain, and information technology for Caterpillar® dealers in Colombia and territories in the Caribbean Region. Supported by XAPT, SOE 360 successfully led the implementation of NAXT365 | Microsoft Dynamics for Equipment Dealerships at Machinery & Energy (M&E ABC) located in Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao.

The dedicated team at XAPT provided valuable support throughout the implementation, complementing the efforts of SOE 360. M&E ABC now stands alongside our esteemed customers, including Gecolsa, Relianz, and SOE 360, in embracing cloud technology through the adoption of NAXT365. Following the successful go-live of Gecolsa, Relianz, and SOE 360, the discovery phase for the operation of M&E ABC unfolded, followed by a 5-month implementation period.

Ahiro Guzman, SOE 360 Business Transformation Manager, shared his excitement, stating, “Our Business Transformation Team successfully completed this rollout project, which has been months in the making. Today, we want to celebrate together this milestone of implementing Dynamics 365 | NAXT at another one of our dealers. Now, we embark on the stabilization phase of the platform, during which the Business Transformation team and everyone involved will dedicate their energy and enthusiasm to guarantee its correct operation for all the companies. We move forward on the transformation path!”

The successful completion of this phase highlights the teamwork of qualified and high-performing teams from SOE 360, XAPT, M&E ABC, and other allies who joined forces to achieve this monumental goal.

“The ABC project team is a good example of teamwork and collaboration and delivering outcomes when it matters to the business,” expressed Harry Sathe, Technical Project Manager at XAPT.

As the NAXT365 implementation at M&E was a smooth process, we received multiple comments from the SOE 360 and M&E ABC teams:

 “With the engagement of SOE 360, XAPT, and M&E ABC teams, we were able to implement three new legal entities in 5 months, with minimal customization and near-zero disruption to the business,” says Nicolas Tobon SOE 360 Project Manager, Business Transformation Department.

“Before and during the integration to NAXT, we felt supported and well-equipped to start working with this powerful new tool. Even after the implementation, we can still rely on the support from the migration team of SOE 360,” says Marc Homan, Commercial Manager at M&E ABC.

“Dynamics 365 is allowing us at M&E ABC to improve our processing time and efficiency. It allows us to have ease of access to better serve our customers. These benefits are helping us to improve our customers’ loyalty and hence improving our profitability,” says Asif Sahid, Manager at M&E ABC.

At XAPT, we take pride in being a driving force behind digital transformations like the one shared by SOE 360 and M&E ABC. By providing unwavering support and expertise, we empower our partners to embrace the full potential of NAXT365. This solution not only streamlines operations but also paves the way for enhanced efficiency, scalability, and innovation. We remain committed to supporting our valued partners in their pursuit of digital excellence and look forward to more projects like this in the future.

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