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March 5, 2024

Transformative Journeys: The NAXT 365 Experience

Four Customers tell their stories

In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise solutions, Caterpillar dealers seek tools that meet their current needs, find efficiencies, and pave the way for future growth. NAXT365, a cutting-edge solution offered by XAPT, was designed to revolutionize the way businesses in the heavy equipment industries operate on the Microsoft 365 platform. To shed light on the transformative power of NAXT365, we sat down with some of XAPT’s clients to explore their implementation journeys, the changes they experienced, and the benefits they see now and in the future.

The team at XAPT isn’t just working with individual customers. We’re here to serve the Caterpillar dealer community. Although each experience was vastly different, all of those we interviewed highlighted the value of the dealer community, each learning and growing with the other.

Our interview included customers at each stage of the process, from implementation to the ongoing discovery of new and emerging capabilities. Despite the differences in location, timing, and internal processes, all customers revealed several similarities, including:

  • An integration of disparate business processes, thanks to NAXT365, allows dealers to have a more unified view of their operations, by streamlining workflow, revealing, and at times eliminating silos, and creating more collaboration, even within corporations where differences in language, culture, and currency can pose barriers for cohesive work. “We had created a homegrown approach, patched together over the years because of the work, ” explains Danielle Papenberg, the NAXT365 project manager and Director of Organizational Development for Foley. Following implementation, Foley, Inc. is still discovering new efficiencies and a newfound sense of connectivity throughout the company.
  • New analytics and reporting capabilities empower XAPT customers to make better-informed decisions based on real-time data. They can make better decisions, knowing that each location, each department, and each employee has access to the same data. Better and faster access to data “allows us to make decisions in real time,” says Martin Briggs, President of RELIANZ Mining.
  • NAXT365 empowers our customers to improve their customer experience, from better response times to fewer mistakes and greater accuracy.
  • NAXT365 is not just a tool for the present; it is a tool for the future. For many, NAXT represented a great change in both workflow and culture. Change, for many, is now the new norm and NAXT will help them adapt to the evolving business landscape and scale as needed. Isaac Berling, Director of Enterprise Acquisitions for Ziegler Cat, says that people now are more consistent in their jobs, and information now flows more seamlessly throughout the organization, which helps fulfill the ultimate goal of increasing customer uptime. Around the world in the Netherlands, Ben Van der Werff, Product Owner NAXT at Pon Equipment and Pon Power, says that better information flow means “we experience a lot fewer misunderstandings about the different options we sell to the customer.”

Look for details of these customer stories over the next few months and learn firsthand how NAXT365 can play an important part role in the journey to business growth. We are proud of our partnership within the Caterpillar dealership community and look forward to continuing to help our customers navigate the complexities of the modern market.

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