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November 10, 2015

Take A Proactive Approach To Customer Service Using A Modern Business Solution

Equipment dealers require clear visibility throughout sales, rental, and service operations in order to maximize resources and profit margins. Disparate systems make it harder to access the reliable information needed to manage rental schedules, the status of equipment, or address customer needs. Connect your systems with an integrated dealer management solution and take a proactive approach to business operations.

When equipment isn’t working, you could be losing money. Downtime is a nightmare for equipment dealers and can get costly. Download “6 Emerging Trends in Equipment Sales, Rental and Product Support: Seize the Opportunity with a Modern Dealer Management Solution,” a complimentary eBook to learn how to optimize your resources with the support of modern technology.

There are two major reasons why your equipment isn’t bringing in money – either it requires maintenance or your people aren’t sure whether it’s rented or not. You can solve both issues with a strong, integrated dealer management solution. Manage your inventory, including available equipment and the parts needed to keep them in good working order, within this centralized solution in addition to warranties, service contracts, parts availability, and maintenance schedules. By planning ahead and working with customers, you can schedule the routine maintenance activities that are needed to keep your equipment working properly. You can also use built-in business intelligence and reporting features to identify trends within these activities. Determine accurate service costs, measure profits, and calculate contract purchase options using the real-time data at your fingertips.

As you schedule routine maintenance, you can also monitor customer rental schedules. Knowing where your equipment is and the length of time it will be used can support your ability to service customer needs without over investing in inventory. Taking proactive measures with equipment service operations and customer needs can optimize your equipment and labor resources, avoid excessive operating costs, and ensure you have the equipment customers’ need, when they need it.

Gain the control and visibility you need throughout salesrentals, and service operations by connecting these operations within an integrated dealer management solution. Download the eBook and contact XAPT for more information about using modern technology to streamline business operations and improve customer services.

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