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October 27, 2015

Stay Focused on Business, Not Paperwork, With A Modern Dealer Management Solution

Legacy software, disparate systems, and paper-based processes can slow cash flow down to a crawl, which can impact profit margins for equipment dealers. Every day that billing is delayed extends the time between delivering services and getting paid. Decrease days sales outstanding (DSO) and save time with each aspect of the financial process by replacing outdated systems with a modern, integrated dealer management solution.

You work hard to manage a successful equipment dealership and your money should too. Download this complimentary eBook, “6 Emerging Trends in Equipment Sales, Rental and Product Support: Seize the Opportunity with a Modern Dealer Management Solution” to see how you can gain greater control and insight over your finances by replacing disparate systems with a single, centralized solution.

It can be difficult to complete invoicing more than once a week or, worse yet, once a month when it takes so long to collect the invoice data needed by your accounting team. Invoices go out later than they should, reminder emails and collection calls extend the process, and by the time you receive payment your DSO and accounts receivable aren’t what you expect.

A dealer management system can put cash flow and collections on the fast track, reducing DSO and administrative costs while improving accounts receivable. Your financial, customer, and other operational data can be entered into this single, integrated solution. As soon as a work order is closed, whether it’s from the field or when equipment is returned to the office, you can generate an invoice. Invoices can be directly emailed to customers, which saves time printing invoices, stuffing envelopes, and waiting for them to be delivered in the mail. Similarly, you can automatically generate email reminders to customers, which reduces administrative distractions, and ensures that each invoice receives appropriate follow-up attention. Finally, upon receipt of payment, you can send out an email acknowledgement which shows a high level of customer service.

Replacing paper-based, manual systems with the time-saving automations offered in an innovative dealer management solution can save valuable time and make your money work harder. Download our eBook and contact XAPT to learn how you can stay focused on your business, not paperwork, by deploying the right dealer management solution.

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