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September 15, 2016

Optimize Equipment Utilization And Satisfy Customer Needs Efficiently

Many equipment dealers are challenged by maintaining the right amount of inventory and having it available at the right time. As costly as equipment can be, too much inventory can quickly eat up cash flow, yet too little can lead to unsatisfied customers. Strike the right balance by gaining business and customer insight with the support of an integrated dealer management solution.

Managing equipment inventory and customer rentals can be time-consuming, especially when using disparate software and other manual processes. Download this complimentary eBook, “6 Emerging Trends in Equipment Sales, Rental and Product Support: Seize the Opportunity with a Modern Dealer Management Solution,” to learn how you can streamline these processes with modern technology.

Equipment managers need to know when rental contracts start and stop, as well as what equipment customers need the most. There is a delicate balance to strike with deciding when to invest in equipment, meeting customer demands, and achieving the profit margins you need to manage a successful, growing business. Replacing disconnected systems with an integrated dealer management solution can give you the visibility and control that you need to make these strategic business decisions.

A powerful dealer management solution can provide insight into rental schedules so that you can improve the utilization of your equipment. You can monitor service contracts and other data about the equipment while it’s in use, including geolocation and operating statistics that are delivered with telematics. Monitoring equipment movement can streamline the tracking process and informs customers of accurate arrival times which they will appreciate. This control also makes it easier for you to schedule and complete routine maintenance necessary for keeping equipment in top working order.

Built-in business intelligence can provide even greater insight into equipment utilization and profitability. You can identify trends with the type of equipment that is sold or rented most often so that you can make sure you have these items on hand and avoid investing in the equipment that isn’t used quite as much. Improved forecasting as well as greater control over scheduling can lead to satisfied customers and a healthy bottom line.

Strengthen customer relationships by delivering superior customer service along with your equipment. Download our eBook and contact XAPT for additional information about using a dealer management solution to optimize equipment utilization and improve customer service.

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