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August 3, 2023

Largest Distributor of Machinery and Equipment in Mexico, MADISA, Embarks on a Digital Transformation Journey with XAPT Corporation’s NAXT365 | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Solution  

Monterrey, Mexico, August 3rd, 2023 – XAPT Corporation, the pioneer in delivering cutting-edge solutions to heavy equipment dealers, is delighted to announce its partnership with MADISA, the leading distributor of machinery and equipment in Mexico. This exciting partnership marks a significant step as MADISA embarks on a transformative digital journey, implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 powered by NAXT 365, a fully integrated Dealer Management Solution for Caterpillar Dealers.  

MADISA, which stands for Maquinas Diesel S.A. de C.V., has been a trusted distributor of Caterpillar products in Mexico since 1946 and is renowned for its commitment to customer satisfaction. Over the years, MADISA has continuously expanded its product portfolio and parts inventory, offering an impressive range of more than 80 leading brands. Covering the largest geographical area in Mexico, MADISA has been serving small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals with comprehensive solutions, services, spare parts, repairs, and equipment reconstruction. MADISA’s mission is to empower its clients’ businesses by delivering top-quality machinery, equipment, and service solutions, elevating their production processes, while simultaneously creating value for shareholders, suppliers, and employees.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with XAPT, a testament to our commitment in driving innovation and growth. This milestone marks a pivotal moment in our digital transformation journey, as we take a giant leap forward in streamlining our operations and enhancing customer experiences. With NAXT’s cutting-edge solution, we will harness the power of technology, making data-driven decisions and achieving new heights of efficiency and productivity. Together, we embark on this transformative journey, embracing the future with confidence and enthusiasm knowing we are investing in the tools necessary to succeed for years to come,” stated David Garza, MADISA’s VP Aftermarket Services & Innovation.

With a diverse range of industries such as heavy construction, contractors, mining, quarrying, manufacturing, industrial processes, waste, steel, oil, marine, transportation, agriculture, and commercial services, MADISA caters to the unique needs of various sectors.

NAXT365 is a specialized Dealer Management Solution and Customer Relationship Management platform designed exclusively for equipment dealers. Leveraging the cutting-edge cloud capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, NAXT365 offers immediate access to critical business insights. It enables organizations to effortlessly integrate Finance, Parts, Sales, Rental, Service, Power Systems, Purchasing, Supply Chain, HR, Customer Relations, and Customer Portal functionalities in real time. This comprehensive solution empowers equipment dealers with unmatched visibility and seamless operations across all aspects of their business.

“We are excited to join hands with MADISA on their digital transformation journey through NAXT365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365. As pioneers in the industry, we believe that this collaboration will redefine the equipment distribution landscape in Mexico, offering unparalleled customer experiences, operational efficiencies and positioning themselves to be able to take advantage of innovative technology being invested in by Microsoft,” said Sam Hampton, President of XAPT Corporation.

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