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February 28, 2023

Foley, Inc. Continues its Digital Transformation by leveraging XAPT’s NAXT365 Dealer Management System

NAXT365 fits within Foley’s customer-centric approach and will also boost efficiency and productivity for the dealership

MIAMI, FL. February 23, 2023 – XAPT, the leading global provider of specialized business services for equipment dealers, announces that Foley Inc., a Caterpillar Machinery dealer headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey (United States), has successfully gone live with NAXT365 | Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Heavy Equipment Dealers on February 21, 2023. This most recent implementation strengthens Foley’s connections with customers, elevating these partnerships with improved productivity and profitability.

With the successful implementation of NAXT365, over 700 Foley users across multiple locations in New Jersey, Staten Island, Eastern Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware, and Bermuda can now access the cloud-based dealer management solution to support their customers’ needs more effectively and efficiently.

James Kolakowski, EVP and CFO of Foley Inc., remarked, “We successfully ran a CAT dealership yesterday, which is a testament to the resources and effort put forth by Foley and matched by XAPT. We understand that this is just a step in the journey, and we are thrilled with the results of our go-live.”

Dealer management systems are dynamic, and with the continued digital transformation efforts of the dealership, XAPT and Foley will continue to work closely together to identify and implement improvements to enhance the overall customer experience utilizing the Microsoft platform. 

“I am very proud of the XAPT team and our partner Microsoft. What was remarkable to me was that Foley made a serious investment in people, gathering a team of high performers, taking them out of the business to lead the project. That was a difference maker in this successful go-live.”, said Sam Hampton, President of XAPT.

For three generations, Foley has offered a diverse line of products, rentals, and services to support their wide range of customer needs for construction equipment. With a strong focus on company values centered around trust, communication, relationships, mutual respect, and astonishment, Foley constantly strives to create customer experiences that create a customer for life. Their partnership with XAPT demonstrates a commitment to innovation and customer experience and will empower Foley customers to become more productive and profitable.

About XAPT

For the past 20 years, XAPT has partnered with heavy equipment dealers to deliver solutions that improve dealer performance, agility, and operations. We are the only Microsoft Partner focused on the Equipment and Materials Handling industries and provide custom solutions for heavy equipment dealers in 40+ countries worldwide. We offer a complete dealership management solution with all the capacity of an ERP and CRM with over 700 predefined equipment dealership processes, delivering insightful business intelligence reports along with partner eco-system solutions tailor-made for the heavy equipment industry. To learn more or to schedule a demonstration, please visit

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