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March 14, 2016

CAT dealers discuss future developments to NAXT

During the second week of March, the Dealer Governance Group for XAPT sponsored a meeting to discuss future developments to the NAXT solution that is currently being used by many CAT dealers globally.

Over 80 representatives of the CAT dealers, CAT, Microsoft and XAPT worked together over three days to design the next release of the solution for CAT dealers. They were joined by phone by representatives of international dealers making it a truly a global event.

The meeting was hosted by Kelly Tractor Co. at their facilities in Miami.

But it wasn’t all hard work, on Tuesday evening XAPT hosted a dinner that allowed people from the CAT dealers to mix, exchange stories, trade ideas and enjoy each other’s company.

Rod Ford, Chair of the AXGC Board said, “This was an extraordinary event, and a very successful one, for all of us to have direct influence on the direction of the product.  To ensure that it addresses our requirements is a great demonstration of how well the dealerships, CAT, Microsoft and XAPT can work together for the benefit of all.“

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